Wednesday, 21 September 2016

summer sampler 2016 block 19

here's my second finished block for the summer sampler 2016 quilt-a-long, which is actually the 19th (and second-to-last) block overall!

summer sampler 2016 block 19: horsetail falls

 this block was fairly easy to put together and gives you lots of practise at making flying geese. i'm not totally sold on my colour placement though, i think the bright magenta corners kind of detract from the overall design. and maybe the background is too scrappy? if i have fabric left over i might re-make this one. still in love with my fabrics though!

i've been following along all summer as the blocks have been released but hesitated to join in as i have so many other projects on the go. but of course i couldn't resist! the first summer sampler was so fun and the first quilt i ever made, so naturally i have to make this one too, right?

choosing the fabrics for this quilt has been really fun, and different from my usual process. my first quilt (the original summer sampler) was made with fabrics i found at my local sewing store. i had a colour scheme in mind but i wasn't too fussy when i chose fabrics, i just took what i could find that i liked and that worked with what i had in mind. this time, though, i used a different strategy.

i chose an "inspiration" photo from my pinterest board colours - where i save interesting colours, quite simply. it's probably the pinterest board i look at most often, it's so full of ideas and a treat for the eyes. otherwise it's easy to pin something and forget to check the board again, right?

magenta, purple, wisteria, lime and teal

once i had my photo i looked for fabrics based soley on colour - and favoured modern prints with bold designs, rather than my usual small-scale, mostly floral, prints. the result is something totally different from what i usually use and fabrics that i'm super excited to work with. i woke up early the morning after they arrived in the mail and was too excited at the thought of making my first block to fall back asleep!

now that's a project that's worth making, even when you have a lot on the go!

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